YWAM Furnace


Our Family of Ministries

YWAM Furnace NZ works together with many different ministries, both locally in Tauranga, New Zealand, and internationally. We are so thankful for the work they do for the Kingdom of God and we honour the diligence with which they serve the Lord. This is not an exhaustive list, but a few key ministries that have emerged out of YWAM Furnace NZ and still run alongside us today. 

Furnace Prayer Room

The Furnace Prayer Room exists to establish a place where Jesus is the centre of the gathering, and where individuals can unite through music led prayer meetings.

Furnace Worship

Furnace Worship is a collective of worshippers in Tauranga, New Zealand who love adoring Jesus and simply being in His presence. We are part of the wider community of YWAM Furnace NZ and Furnace Prayer Room, where our heart is to see people encountered by Jesus, equipped in their calling, and sent to the nations.…

Ignite Compassion

Transformed lives, transformed communities, transformed nations. Ignite Compassion equips people to extend God’s love and hope to their neighbors, especially the vulnerable, by restoring relationships and freeing bondages with God’s truth. We carry God’s heart for the vulnerable (the orphan, widow, foreigner, poor, prisoner, etc.) and desire to raise up a missionary force that is…

Mission Adventures

Mission Adventures provides a short term overseas mission experience for groups. Each trip may be custom designed to give your group the best possible experience, while challenging them to grow in a safe environment.

Yachts for Life

Giving remote island communities the opportunity to make a significant contribution to life as God has intended it. We work to empower remote Pacific Island communities through sharing of knowledge based on Biblical principles relating to every sphere of life, using sailing vessels as the means of transport for international expertize. How we do this…