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The Koha Experience

Three-nights aboard the MV YWAM Koha


Join us for a three-night, four-day adventure aboard the MV YWAM Koha Ship. 

We want to challenge young Kiwi’s to grow, be equipped to lead, and further develop

their relationship with the Creator.


Starting Monday, October 11th, the ship will sail from Tauranga for the next three nights. Every day there will be teaching, discipleship, fun, games and practical hands-on experience. Back in port, the adventure will continue with local community outreach and wrap-up with a celebration ceremony on the evening of Thursday 14th.

Year 12 or 13 students from Bethlehem College are invited to bring their parents to an information night to learn more:  

Dessert & Information Night on the Koha

30 August 2021 - 6:30pm

6 Den Place, Sulphur Point 

RSVP: info@missionadventures.co.nz


The Koha Experience will provide opportunities to learn and grow. We believe that learning should be interactive and experiential. The main teaching sessions will be topics that help move the teens towards a greater relationship with Jesus Christ, these will include:

  • Who is God, his nature and character
  • How do I follow Jesus
  • How do I relate to God
  • What is God’s view of relationships, 
  • What is my purpose or mission in life

The hands-on experience of serving on a ship will include:

  • Dinner prep and clean up
  • Serving with the deck department in their maintenance of the vessel
  • Serving in the engine room with the engineering team 

COST: $900 (A 50% discount will be available for the first applicants after the Information Night on 30th August)


The Koha Experience is a collaboration of the YWAM KOHA, Ships with a Mission NZ Trust, and YWAM Furnace. 

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