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Transformational Development Seminar

As believers, we know that God has a heart for the vulnerable. We see them all the time and hear about their situations, but what does God want us to do about it, wherever He’s placed us? Complete transformation comes when we address not only material needs, but also spiritual poverty through partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing truth to the individual, family, community and nation.


Transformational Development Seminar – June 2019


This semi-annual seminar will look at God’s heart for the vulnerable and how we can respond with strategies aligned to His original design to bring about restoration. We will also explore the vital role of the Church in the process of community transformation and give practical tools for those extending biblical compassion to the vulnerable in their communities. Here are some questions we will discuss:

  •  What is God’s heart for the poor, widow, refugee, etc.?
  • What does God say about their desperate situations?
  • What do we do when faced with the realities of their lives?
  • How do we let the Holy Spirit lead our response?
  • How do we respond in a way that brings God’s transformation to a community without falling into the traps of dependency and empty programs?
Cost $100
When 20-24 July 2020
Meals Lunch and morning/afternoon tea is included in the price