Word by Heart Bible School

Word By Heart: Genesis - Revelation 

This Bible school will transform your life. You will know Jesus intimately. His Word will become a part of you. As you go deep, you will experience transformation, and as you pass it on, it will change the world.

Our goal is to know God by taking His Word deep into our hearts. The school will ground you in a complete overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. However, you won’t just study the Word; you will experience it. That experience will change you.


This school is training storytellers - bringing the words of Jesus to life by bridging cultures and languages - to have an understanding of the Bible as a whole. 


Act like eyewitnesses to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told. Word By Heart helps you know Jesus personally and share him in a unique way by internalizing the Gospels and sharing them word-for-word with others. You’ll experience Him through your own imagination. It'll be as if you were walking with him while he performed many miracles like healing the man with a withered hand.


Engaging with Jesus in this way will change you. Jesus lived the most impacting life ever lived. As you draw close to him, he will start to transform you. You will experience a surge of energy for him that will empower you to spread his good news everywhere.

The Word By Heart Bible School meshes the 3-month Word By Heart School and the Bible Core Curriculum requirements for a University of the Nations degree.

The school covers the following content:

  1. The process of “TruthTelling”
  2. Re-imagining the Word
  3. Personalisation of the passage at hand
  4. Memorizing the exact words of Scripture
  5. Retelling the Story


* There is no prerequisite (i.e. DTS is not required - although highly recommended)


Course Fee

$4750 NZD

This includes housing, food, educational costs, and activities.

It does not include: - Visas or personal expenses such as toiletries,, snacks and postage, etc. - Airfare, bus, and/or train tickets needed to get you to Tauranga. We provide airport pick-ups, however.