School of communication foundations

School of Communication Foundations

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God is writing the story of humanity, and you have a part to play.


How can you express your voice, relate well to others and tell the world about the heart of the Great Story Writer?


The School of Communication Foundations (SCF) recognises that good communication is a lifelong learning process that we get to practice every day. By improving our communication we can build better relationships with God and others. The SCF develops both practical communication skills and a stronger foundation in your God-given identity.  This is a school for everybody, doing anything.


The SCF lays essential foundations in biblical communication, while advancing your skills and confidence in speaking, writing and listening. It aims to sharpen your ability to communicate clearly through cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics. We will equip you with principles of preparing and delivering a message to a variety of audiences. One focus throughout the school is writing a research project on an sub-culture or people group who God has placed on your heart.  Through provoking instruction and discussion, practical assignments, and video evaluation, you can discover your place and potential as effective influencers in the public forum.


Topics include:

  • Communication Foundations
  • Verbal and non-Verbal Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Story writing and telling
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Media and Visual Communication
  • Researching and Research Writing
  • Intrapersonal Communication
  • Giving Feedback


The SCF meets the University of the Nations requirements for the communication core curriculum needed for a Bachelors degree in any UofN College, or an Associates degree in the College of Communication or College of Counselling and Health Care.


Haven’t done your Discipleship Training School yet? The School of Communication Foundations is a second-level course, which means that a DTS is a prerequisite. Discover your call to communication during your DTS and then join us for this school!



Course Fee

$4,750 NZD

This includes housing, food, educational costs, and activities.

It does not include: Visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, snacks and postage, etc.; Airfare and bus/shuttle needed to get you from Auckland to Tauranga (we DO provide Tauranga Airport and bus stop pick-ups)