Bible Track

This course is running at later dates as well. View details to find out more.

You have been grafted into His Story.

Do you know that you have been invited into the greatest story of all time? 

Do you know that God’s word is alive and active, and continues to bring transformation to hearts and nations today? 

Do you want to play a part in it?

The Bible track will encourage you to step into God’s story; equipping you to discover the depths of God’s truth and igniting a passion to apply it to your daily life.

During the three-month training phase in Tauranga, New Zealand, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn tools for studying the Bible

  • Grow in your relationship with God 

  • Learn how to share a message from its Biblical context

  • Discover the power of God’s word to transform individual’s, society, and nations. 

  • Learn the overarching story of God’s word and how you are grafted into it 

Finally, during our two-month outreach phase, you will have the opportunity to bring transformation in the nations through sharing and applying the truth of God. We are committed to reaching the lost, caring for the poor, and loving the one in front of us. Our short-term outreaches serve long-term workers and come alongside existing ministries. Altogether, it will be an unforgettable adventure as you know God and make Him known.



Course Fee

$4,500 NZD

This includes housing, food, and educational costs.

It does not include: Visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, snacks and postage, etc.; Airfare and bus/shuttle needed to get you from Auckland to Tauranga (we DO provide Tauranga Airport and bus stop pick-ups)

Activity Fee

$500 NZD

Outside of the classroom, course specific activity costs.

Outreach Fee

$3,500 - $7,500 NZD

Food, accommodation and travel.

* Cost varies depending on the location you choose during lecture phase. It does not include visa costs as this varies per person.