Awake & Arise Aotearoa DTS

Awaken to who it is God has created you to be. Rise up and stand firm in your identity.

What does your story have to do with the story God has been writing in this land for generations?

What does knowing our identity, our connections with one another, and our love for God, have to do with a widespread revival in Aotearoa?

A theme for this DTS will be on Cultural Identity and Serving the Community

During this DTS we will be unpacking the significance of knowing who we are, and where we’ve come from.  How does our identity, as individuals and the body of Christ, reflect our relationship with God.  What is the history of missions in Aotearoa and how does that impact the way the gospel is received today?

What would it look like to be a people, who’s story is heard and valued, thriving in diversity, and embracing the gospel and person of Jesus… (Revelation 5:9 ) Every tribe, nation, and tongue, standing together before the throne of God.

IDENTITY — seeing the value in where we’ve come from background/culture, knowing who we are in God.

RELATIONSHIPS — God’s desire is for healing and reconciliation in our personal relationship with Him, each other, in family, across races/cultures (bi-cultural journey).

LORDSHIP — what life surrendered out of love to the Father actually looks like.

Come join us as we learn together what it looks like for us as followers of Jesus to walk into the future backwards — that as we respond to the Great Commission “to go and make disciples of all nations” — we would do so in humility and truth, with an awareness of missions history in Aotearoa, New Zealand. So we can understand how the implications of past actions, influence the way the gospel is received today, and actively engage as ministers of reconciliation.

Altogether, it will be an unforgettable experience as you take this step to know God, and make Him known.

Pray and ask God if this DTS is for you!



Course Fee

$4,500 NZD

Housing, food, and educational costs.

It does not include: Visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, snacks and postage, etc.; Airfare and bus/shuttle needed to get you from Auckland to Tauranga (we DO provide Tauranga Airport and bus stop pick-ups)

Activity Fee

$800 NZD

Outside of the classroom, course specific activity costs.

Outreach Fee

$3,500 - $7,500 NZD

Food, accommodation and travel.

* Cost varies depending on the location you choose during lecture phase. It does not include visa costs as this varies per person.