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What If You Prayed Knowing You've Won? | YFNZ Devotional

What If You Prayed Knowing You've Won? | YFNZ Devotional

I woke up one sunny morning, about halfway through our lockdown in New Zealand. I got up, made my classic breakfast of avocado on toast, and sat down on the couch to pray and get my day started.

I flipped open my journal and began to write down all the difficult things I had been dealing with.

Being away from family. The sickness and death of family members. And well, I was bored with being in quarantine for so long. 

I started praying through my list of "issues". I asked God to heal the world. I asked Him to help my heart stop hurting from being away from family. Lastly, I asked Him to help me not be so bored.

My prayer lasted about 15 seconds.

I picked up my phone and started scrolling through Instagram.

All of a sudden I felt the Lord speak to me in a still, small voice in my mind.

"Stop operating out of a place of fear, lack, or struggle.
Instead, operate out of a place of victory."

With a deep breath, I put down my phone and focused on the words I felt the Lord was speaking to me.


I flipped open my Bible and began to seek out what it means to have victory.

Over the next hour, I came across many verses in 1 Corinthians 15 talking about how our victory only comes through Jesus and that true victory occurs when sin is gone. 

As well, I came across John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Jesus came to earth, died in my place, and defeated sin so that I could have victory.

What does it mean for me to live out of a place of victory? Would I be fearless? Confident? Generous? Joyful? Would I be more secure in my identity if I understood that Jesus won the victory against doubt and hatred? What would my prayers sound like if I lived knowing that Jesus has already won the battle against sin and death?


I looked at my list of things to pray for and tried again, this time with a victory mindset.

Lord, protect my family in the midst of what is going on, help my relationship with them to grow and flourish during this time we are apart. Let your will be done during this pandemic. Release your power over the nations and let this crisis be a time where Your name is shared in all countries with all people. Lastly, please show me how I can use my time, who I can bless, or how I can be creative. I love you, Jesus. I am so thankful for the sacrifice You made on the cross so that I could experience freedom and victory."


My heart shifted as I prayed.

I was confident in God's victory. I was confident that the prayers I was praying really mattered and made a difference. Which they do!

I encourage you today to take a minute and look at what your motivation is for operating each day.

Are you letting fear of the future drive your decisions? Or are you leaning on the fact that Jesus has the authority over evil and He will be the one directing your steps?


Living with the mindset of victory can change everything.




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Published at May 14, 2020 . Authored by: Abigal Ferguson | Furnace Prayer Room