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Top 10 Things to Expect From Your YWAM Furnace DTS

Top 10 Things to Expect From Your YWAM Furnace DTS

Starting your Dicipleship Training School (DTS) can be a strange time. Feelings of excitement and anticipation under a veil of nerves and uncertainty. So whether you're about to start your DTS with us, or you're just considering it – here are the top 10 things to expect from your YWAM Furnace DTS.


1. Community

Here at YWAM Furnace, we deeply value family; this is reflected in our diverse community of Jesus-loving people from all over the world. On your DTS, you will become a part of our family, whether you choose to stay here or move on after your 5 months, you will always have this community in the far corner of the globe.


2. Deeper Relationship with God

DTS is all about you and God. You are going to learn how He speaks to you, how He loves you and how He cares for you in ways you never even knew about. If you're willing, DTS is the perfect time to allow God to show you who He is and who you are. You will come away with a much deeper understaning of who He is and a new connection with Him you never thought possible.


3. Beautiful Views

We’re based in the amazing city of Tauranga, on the coast of New Zealand. From gorgeous beach scenes to the rolling green hills of the country – we have it all. You’ll never get tired of the breath-taking landscapes that surround us here at YWAM Furnace.


4. Tasty Morning Teas

Most people here in New Zealand are familiar with morning tea, but many other nations miss out on this simple joy of Kiwi life. Don't worry, this isn't just having a cup of tea at 10:30am, although that may be involved. We have an amazing community life team who love to give us the best treats; from delicious spreads of fresh fruit to home-made cookies, it's always enough to put a smile on everybody's face.


5. Worship and Intercession

The Furnace Prayer Room is an integral part of who we are. On your DTS, you will be spending time in the Prayer Room each week which will include awesome times of God-centred worship as well as prayer for New Zealand and for the Nations.


6. Adventures

Whether you've chosen to take our Adventure Track, or not – your DTS will be full of new and excititng experiences. New Zealand is a nation full of adventure-seekers and we want to give you a taste of what that means. From hiking Tauranga's own Mount Manganui, to finding secret beaches from famous movie scenes, there's something for everyone.


7. Personal Growth

Whatever season of life you are in, come to DTS expectant to grow. With 3 months of Biblical teaching, it's hard not to come out the other end transformed. Come willing to let the Lord grow and stretch you in new ways, He will show you that you are more capable than you thought.


8. Outreach

Missions is a key part of our DNA, here at YWAM Furnace. The last section of your DTS will be a 2 month missions trip; a time of sharing the gospel with the lost and planting seeds in their hearts. This is an awesome time to put into practice everything that the Lord will teach you during lecture phase, and pour out the love of God that has been poured into you.


9. Lifelong Friendships

DTS is a unique season that not many people have the privilege of experiencing. The people that you spend this time with are so important to your journey and meaningful friendships will blossom in the midst of it. You will cry together, laugh together, worship together, even play volleyball together. Let’s be honest, you’re bound to create a special bond with someone once you’ve seen each other through the lows and the highs of life.


10. FUN

Above all, come to DTS expecting to have fun! There will be adventure, new friendships, laughter and a whole lot of Jesus. Throw yourself into this season, give it all you’ve got, you never know where the Lord could take you.



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Published at Oct 22, 2020 . Authored by: Anna Coward | YWAM Furnace NZ Team