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When My Mess Became My Song | YFNZ Story

Posted on Jun 11, 2020, in the categories: Post-DTS, School of Worship, DTS, Worship Track, YFNZ Story
When My Mess Became My Song | YFNZ Story

It was my second week of School of Worship. First-thing Tuesday morning, Wendy asked one question. "What do you really think of God?" I squirmed. Growing up in the church, we didn't talk about this stuff. But here was a Christian teacher, pushing me to be honest. I mean, I knew the Psalms were littered with raw, messy lyrics. So I couldn't keep sugar-coating my theology. After class, I walked straight to the Prayer Room. Armed with my journal, I settled in to two hours of live worship and prayer. Time to be honest. Messy, even. Hesitant, I started to write: You are disinterested. You don't really care about me.…