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How To Be a Missionary When You're in Quarantine

How To Be a Missionary When You're in Quarantine

If you’re currently living anywhere on planet earth, then chances are your country has gone into some form of ‘lockdown’. 

This means you are probably spending much more time in your home than you are used to.

Me too.

As a missionary I have been wrestling with the idea of not being able to see any strangers for a whole month—how can I be a missionary if I can’t leave my house?

Fortunately, we have a beautifully creative God who will always make a way for His people to do His work, even when it seems impossible.

Here are some ways for you to spread the love of Christ from the comfort (or discomfort!) of your own home.


Write Encouraging Emails

Writing encouraging emails to those on your mailing list is an excellent way to spread joy in a difficult time. Why not ask the Lord who He wants to encourage today? Shoot them a short email with a word, verse, or kind thought. See, this is easier than you thought, right?

Love the People in Front of You

Use this time to be intentional with loving those in your household. Cook a nice meal, clean the bathroom, leave a little love letter. Make those you live with feel seen and cared for—this is a great way to share God’s love. You could even leave messages in your windows for your neighbours who walk by—never underestimate your impact! 

Get Educated

As missionaries, we should be some of the most culturally-aware people around. This is an opportunity to further educate ourselves about the countries we are called to. Where do you want to go? Maybe you can’t go there right now, but you can definitely be learning more about their history, culture, and language. Educated missionaries are effective missionaries. Is God asking you to use this time to prepare to GO?

Be Creative

Let your creative juices flow and create something beautiful. Write songs, poems or even blogs that can help people see Jesus in a new way. God wants you to share the things He puts on your heart. Paint and draw prophetically – you can be creative with the Holy Spirit and ask Him what He wants to create.
Use the gifts that God gave you to bring LIFE.

Use Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. What are people using now that they’re home all day? This is the perfect time to make social media your mission field. Share testimonies of what God has done in your life on Facebook. Show pictures of the amazing places God has taken you on Instagram. Tweet a verse of the day for your followers to see on Twitter. Missions doesn’t have to fit into the stereotype that we often see it as.

Study the Word

Finally we can throw all excuses out the window. Knowing the Word is such a key part of being a missionary. Day to day we share the gospel, but do we truly know what it means? Sometimes it’s easy to think that the Gospel is just the 4 books at the start of the New Testament. But we need to remember that the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation is a love story of Yahweh bringing His people back to Himself. Dive in deeper, find out for yourself.

Pray, Pray, Pray

Intercede for the nations. Pray for healthcare workers in your city. Or start by just talking to God about your day. Bring everything to God, He isn’t going to get bored of you, even if it feels like you're saying the same things. He loves to hear your voice. He also wants to share new things with you, so take some time to sit in a quiet place and just listen! This season is a gift—don't wait until you're "ready" to pray. Go for it. 



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Published at Apr 2, 2020 . Authored by: Anna Coward | YWAM Furnace NZ Team