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How Poetry Brought Me Closer to God | YFNZ Story

How Poetry Brought Me Closer to God | YFNZ Story

Everyone seems to have their ‘thing’. You know, that one thing that connects them to God better than anything else. Well, I didn’t.

This is how I thought it would always be. I watched those around me find God in Sunday afternoon walks, in painting, in baking, blah blah blah.

I sat with my open Bible not even knowing where to start. God felt so distant and I didn’t know what to do about it. There was nothing I enjoyed doing—a symptom of coming out of a life where all I did was waste away the days watching Netflix.

I was doing life in this weird in-between.

I lived in Christian community, yet felt distant from God. I longed to be close to Him yet didn't know how to connect with Him. 

Then one night I went to bed and I just couldn’t get to sleep (which is unusual for me—sleeping is one of my biggest talents) and these words just kept going through my head.

The words echoed in my head and I couldn’t shake them when suddenly it hit me—this could be something really special. I found my phone in the darkness and noted the words down and more began to flow.

What fell onto the page was a poem that perfectly and beautifully summed up exactly how I felt before God.

Initially, I was surprised. Then I got excited. Had I finally found a worthy outlet for my emotions? One that relaxes me, brings me joy and can help me connect with God? I smiled to myself and fell asleep almost instantly.

In the following weeks, I wrote many poems, each one a new expression of my emotions and my love for God. 

Now as I write, I can physically feel any stress or worry leave my body. As I process and put words to my feelings, the things of life become easier to manage. But my poems are not all just about the difficulties of life—I also use my words to reflect on God and to gaze upon His beauty in new ways. I even see the beauty of God in the words that I write about His beauty.


If you are finding it difficult to connect with God, don’t panic! Ask God to reveal new ways for you to deepen your relationship with Him.




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Published at Sep 19, 2019 . Authored by: Anna Coward | YWAM Furnace NZ Team