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How Jesus Met a Girl on a 90 Minute Flight | YFNZ Story

How Jesus Met a Girl on a 90 Minute Flight | YFNZ Story

As I was sitting in the plane ready to take off, I looked out the window over Queenstown, New Zealand. The sun was just starting to peak over the mountains and the snow began to turn from pink to white. I sat there and reminisced about the last three months. God had met me through His word on a three-month Bible course, and I had come to understand the greater story we are all a part of. 

There was a girl sitting beside me and I felt God prompt me to talk to her. Hesitant, I replied to God, Can I wait and see if she sparks a conversation?


As we began to take off, she leaned over and asked me to take a picture of the view on her phone.

At that moment, I knew this was the opportunity I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to act on.

But while I was hesitant—I felt peace and excitement to talk to this girl.


We started off with casual conversation but then when I explained that I had been doing a Bible course the past three months, the conversation took an interesting turn. She began to ask big questions about the gospel and Christianity.


As I was sharing, I could see what I was saying clicked in her mind like a light bulb was going off. She was aware of spiritual things and was seeking God but didn’t realise she needed Jesus. As I shared my own story with God, she began to cry and asked me how she could have a relationship with Jesus.


As we were flying into Wellington, she gave her heart to Jesus.

We buzzed with excitement as we landed and we parted ways. As I walked away from that experience, I realised that God wants to use normal people like me to spread the gospel.


I have struggled with not feeling qualified for God to use me, but this experience showed me He can and does.

I’ve realised this passion for lifestyle Christianity should be a reality for all Christians. Just living a life open to what Holy Spirit wants to do. Sometimes I disqualify myself of opportunities because of my sin, but Jesus came and paid the price for those things—and I've learned to just look at Him!


And nothing will ever disqualify us.




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Published at Sep 5, 2019 . Authored by: Hannah McKie |