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An Open Letter to a Missionary Mom

An Open Letter to a Missionary Mom

Dear Missionary Mom, 

Each year on Mother’s Day we celebrate women all over the world. We take the day to lavish them with flowers, breakfast in bed, and a day off from “mom duty”. However, this year Mother’s Day looks very different for you.

You are the mother of a missionary. 

You didn’t get to choose me, but you did choose to love me. You showed me what it is like to display unconditional, sacrificial love. You showed me what loving like Jesus looks like in the day-to-day.


During my current days of serving those around me, I often refer back to the example of love that you have shown me.  


You are the mother of a missionary.

You watched me learn how to walk and talk. You watched me learn how to run and play. You watched me as I figured out how to cook. You watched me graduate high school. You watched me search for a career. 


You taught me how to have a relationship with Jesus and hear His voice. You taught me how to be obedient to Him. You taught me how to step out in faith to serve those around me in love. 


You watched me say goodbye to my friends and family as I decided to obey God and become a missionary. You watched me pack up my life into one suitcase. You watched me step onto the airplane and head to a far-off country. 


You are the mother of a missionary.

You continue to teach and guide me through monthly—or sometimes weekly—phone calls. You stay up late, and change your schedule to send me a note of encouragement as I start my day in another time zone. You continue to show me how to love like Jesus, even though you are thousands and thousands of miles away.


You don't get to do normal mom-things with me being so far away, like hug me when I am lonely, or come shopping with me for furniture for my first house. You don't get to celebrate with me as I buy my first car or as I get to travel to a new country. You don't get to see all the ways your love for me has impacted the people around me.


You are the mother of a missionary.

Your choice to continue to love me helps my heart understand the way Jesus loves me. It makes me want to share that love with everyone I meet. 


So, to all missionary mothers on this day, and every day, thank you.

The effort you put in behind the scenes—and from across the globe—may not be recognised by everyone.

But you make the Great Commission possible.

And your love changes the world. 


With Love,

Your Missionary



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Published at May 10, 2020 . Authored by: Abigal Ferguson | Furnace Prayer Room