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9 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When You Travel Often

9 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When You Travel Often

Travel. We love your Instagram shots when you arrive, but it's easy to brush over what you went through to get to that perfect picture. Sometimes travelling is so crazy, tiring, or just plain boring—so by the time you've got to your destination, you've just about lost your sanity.

From places like Hawaii to the Himalayas, I've experienced some insane travel as well. So with help from my team and a few of my own mishaps across 15 countries, here's eight tips on how to keep your sanity when you travel often. 

1. Bring backup headphones.

You've all been there. You've grabbed your phone, and you're ready to drift off to your latest playlist. Then—you can't find your headphones. You were sure you put them in your bag, but in the craziness of travel you don't know what happened. Imagine this—you remember you have a backup. Crisis averted!

2. Stick to a personal packing system.

To avoid the horror of losing your headphones, create your own personal packing system. Keep essentials like your phone, passport, wallet, and of course, headphones in their own corresponding pockets or spots. And stick to those spots. This has saved me countless times from losing track of things.

3. Pay attention to travel requirements.

Sometimes your greatest travel crises can be averted by paying attention to the requirements. I know you're thinking, Well, duh. But I always need a reminder on what my baggage allowance is, which boxes to check on arrival cards, or even if I accidentally left a pair of scissors in my backpack (true story). So take that extra moment to ask someone or Google it. And if you're flying, please don't forget about that pair of scissors!

4. Know what type of traveller you are. 

That saying, figure out what kind of traveller you are. Do you want be at the airport four hours early? Or are you the one who packs last-minute? Recognise that everyone is different—and that's okay. If you're concerned about missing a flight or bus, actually let yourself go early. If you're more relaxed, learn whose advice to listen to and whose not to worry about. 

5. Invest in a portable luggage scale.

No matter what type of traveller you are, you still have to pay if you're 20kgs over the luggage allowance (or sometimes if you're just one pound over!). Instead of taking a guess the night before, trying to balance your bags on a floor scale, or just showing up—avoid the guessing game, and invest in a portable luggage scale. 

6. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.

You travel often, so you know the unexpected happens. If your luggage doesn't make it, packing a spare change of clothes in your carry-on can keep you that little bit more sane. Or even you don't have any issues, you know that having that extra pair of underwear on hand can be a game-changer.

7. Stay hydrated. 

I know, I know, you don't want to get up to the bathroom. But the effects of not drinking enough water when you're travelling can be much worse than climbing over that one seatmate or navigating that weird roadside bathroom. So to avoid dizziness, lethargy, or just stiff legs from staying in your seat too long—drink up. 

8. Make the most of frequent flyer benefits. 

I'm notorious for forgetting about this one, despite how much I travel. When you're strategic about booking flights and joining frequent flyer groups, the benefits are pretty legendary. Priority seats, check-in, and boarding. Don't forget the airline lounges, upgrades, and even free tickets. Ask other travellers (because I'm not an expert yet!) and get started as you go. 

9. Bring something you love to do—and do it. 

We all hit that wall at some point—you know what I'm talking about. You're over it. You might even being going insane. That's when you thank your pre-travel self. If you love music, you curated the perfect playlist. Or if you're a movie buff, you downloaded that one film. Recognise what you love to do, make the effort to bring it with you—and do it!


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Published at Jan 23, 2020 . Authored by: Kayla Norris | YWAM Furnace NZ Media