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3 Rules that Transformed How I Read my Bible

3 Rules that Transformed How I Read my Bible

"In BSN there are three rules you need to follow: 1) Context, 2) Context, and 3) Context."

I laughed when my leader spoke those words on day one of my Bible School for the Nations, but they could not have been more true. Understanding context transformed my thinking and approach to God’s word, and ultimately broadened what I came to discover was my very limited perspective.

Suddenly verses like "His ways are higher than my ways" were no longer ethereal statements to be digested in isolation. Each book and narrative came to life in light of their history, and I was equipped to read through the lens of the original audience. I realised that only seeing the Bible as speaking to your immediate context reduces the size of God’s narrative to an ant—when in fact it is a buffalo.

As I studied the Bible's history more and more, it reminded me of the sovereign grandness of His story written throughout the ages, the narrative of the universe that still unfolds today. I was struck by the craft and love it has taken to weave His story through 66 books, written by 40 authors over around 1500 years.

Surprisingly, placing my ant-sized life into a context of buffalo-proportions did not make me feel insignificant. Instead, I felt the invitation into this ever-unfolding story of redemption.

It was marvelling at this masterful harmony of contexts, that compelled me not only to read His story—but to step into it.

Rachel Blakely

Bible School for the Nations

Published at Mar 15, 2019 . Authored by: YWAM Media |