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How the One Thing Internship Changed My Life // A Non-YWAMer’s Perspective

How the One Thing Internship Changed My Life // A Non-YWAMer’s Perspective

As a marketplace professional, I wasn’t sure how relevant the One Thing Internship would be. I had no previous YWAM experience;  I was twice the age of the average student; and I didn’t think the Prayer Room per se—although a great thing—was my thing.  But by day two, I knew this month was exactly what I needed: not just to revitalise every aspect of my spiritual life, but as a foundation for success in the secular arena.

Essentially, it was a month of intense focus on Jesus. The teaching was superb, covering everything from the lives of King David and John the Baptist to suffering and the end times.  Weekly workshops offered topics like sustaining a life in God, song-writing, fasting, how the prayer-house model works, and praying the Word. And central to it all was time in the Prayer Room: one to five hours every day.

Initially, a five-hour prayer and worship session sounded challenging at best—15 minutes was often hard enough, right?—but it passed surprisingly quickly. Broken into different sections, such as devotional, praying the Word, and corporate intercession, it was easy and enjoyable. Now that the internship has finished, I miss those hours before the throne.

Over the month I gained a much deeper revelation of who Jesus is, and how worthy He is of my time and energy.  I’ve realised that unless Jesus is truly the main thing, and unless I devote myself to pursuing Him, I simply won’t be able to do what He has called me to do.  To have impact in the world, I need Him impacting me. After a month of just ‘one thing’, my priorities are clearer, I’m better equipped for the future, and I’m less likely to burn out trying to do things in my own strength.


Most importantly of all, I love Jesus more.


One Thing Internship

Published at Mar 1, 2019 . Authored by: YWAM Media |