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Dream of Your Heart - Ryan Kondo & Furnace Worship | Song Story

Dream of Your Heart - Ryan Kondo & Furnace Worship | Song Story

Last year, my friend Josh Yeoh, originally with Penang House of Prayer and now in Singapore, came to New Zealand to speak on prayer and worship. During our Community Night, he shared about Isaiah 24:16 and 42:10-12, which both proclaim that from the ends of the earth—New Zealand, the South Pacific—songs would arise, singing "Glory to the Righteous One". Isaiah 42 also goes on to share that the islands, the coastlands, and the Middle East would be affected by those songs.

Throughout the night, Josh kept asking the question, "What is the dream on God's heart?". He went on to explain that the dream was that everyone would know Him, and that all the glory of the Lord would cover the earth like waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). Then Josh challenged all of us in the room—"Will you say yes and give everything for the dream of God's heart?"

I was sitting in the front row, and I just kept hearing a melody replaying in my head. In the middle of it all, I simply responded to match the melody: I give it all for the dream of Your heart. That's all I had.

After Community Night, I told Josh about it—and said we should write the rest together. The next morning, we quickly sat down and wrote the chorus:


I give it all for the dream of Your heart

I waste it all that You would have

What You wanted from the start

For the joy set before You

There's nothing I won't do

To give it all

I give it all


We took about an hour and a half to work out the rest of it. The first verse focuses on our identity, that we're called as sons and daughters. The pre-chorus follows that by saying if that's true, if we're part of God's family, then: Not my will but Yours be done. The second verse unpacks what God's dream is: It's Your desire that every people be with You where You are, which is Jesus' prayer in John 17:24.

The bridge shares more of what God's dream is, as well as our personal and corporate commitment to do it, to walk it out. Its lyrics are the heart cry that we're going to live a life of mission, that we're going to do whatever it takes so the dream of His heart is realized.


The night we recorded Dream of Your Heart with our community here in New Zealand, Josh was also leading and recording it live at a conference, One Thing Singapore. We didn't plan it at all, it just happened that way! So it was an amazing encouragement from God, because this song was birthed from these two nations and recorded in both places the same day.

Every time I sing it, it makes me want to sign up again, that I really am going to give it all, whatever that looks like. For everyone that's going to look different, but for my family it meant we spent the last few years in New Zealand, for some people it might be in a local church, for others, in the full-time workplace.


Wherever you are, it's a commitment to live a life of mission, all for the dream on God's heart.


Ryan Kondo

Furnace Worship

Published at Feb 8, 2019 . Authored by: Ryan Kondo | Furnace Worship