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How Extravagant Worship Started with a Step

How Extravagant Worship Started with a Step

How do we naturally pursue a supernatural God? One we can't physically touch or see? 


For me, that's a question that's come to mind a lot recently. How do we have a personal relationship with someone we can't see face to face, or hear audibly? (Or at least for most of us that's the case). I've found a few different ways of connecting with God's heart, first and foremost through the Bible, but also by taking walks by myself to spend time with Him, being in fellowship with His people, and through generously loving others.

Another way I've found to naturally connect with our Father is through extravagant, unrestrained worship. Not just choosing to sing some words, but allowing God to move in me and being obedient to how I feel Him asking me to glorify Him in each moment.

I've been learning to take these steps of faith towards the Father, not caring how others may see me, but only towards blessing God with my worship. When David danced in front of the ark, he wasn't concerned with how he was seen by natural eyes, but gave his all to the supernatural God who saw his heart of worship.

In recent months, I've felt God speaking to me more and more about stepping out in worship and dancing with flags. Honestly, the idea terrified me and I think it probably terrifies most people. For most of us who grew up in church, myself included, flag dancing isn't something that's considered “normal”. I told myself that I could do it but only when I couldn't be seen by others, that it would just be me and God's secret.


But then God spoke to me—and asked me to dance halfway through corporate worship. Instantly, I felt self-conscious and was overwhelmed with what people would think. But then I realised something:

It's okay to be scared of what God is asking you to step out in, and it doesn't have to be perfect!

We just have to focus on just doing it for Him and no one else.

So I stepped out in worship, and it wasn't perfect, but it was one of the most freeing and joyful things I've ever done. The entire time I was dancing, I felt so close to that supposedly-far-off God, like there was no one in the room but me and Him. But I couldn't see that until I took the step in the natural towards the supernatural God.


Because how will we ever get closer to something if we don't step towards it first?

David Winterborn

School of Worship

Published at Nov 1, 2018 . Authored by: David Winterborn |