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How a Chronic Complainer Learned to be Grateful with Anything

How a Chronic Complainer Learned to be Grateful with Anything

It was a Monday morning, and the new house work duty list was up.

Lunch dishes.

Again—for the sixth week in a row.

As a chronic complainer, I continued to wash the dishes because I had to—but trust me, I didn’t want to, nor did I find it fun.

But, it wasn’t just the dishes. I did everything with a grumbling heart.

When I arrived in Tauranga, New Zealand for my Leader’s Internship, I was such a negative person. I saw everything that I didn’t want to do as a burden, and constantly complained about it all. I dragged my feet to the Prayer Room because I felt like we were there for way too long. I went to class ready to disengage because I felt like there was nothing for me to learn. I cried in the car on the way to Community Outreach because I didn’t see serving at a thrift store as leadership training. Through it all, I complained to my fellow interns, and influenced everyone around me.

One day in our living room, after crying and complaining yet again, I finally realised that living like this hardened my heart, and hindered me from receiving what the Lord had to offer me. All of a sudden, I had a flashback to the beginning of Leaders Internship. I was sitting in our classroom, and this phrase was written on the whiteboard:

Coram Deo.

It was a Latin phrase that translated to “before the face of God.” This memory ignited many thoughts and questions in my mind. Am I here to serve myself, and just do what I want to do? Or am I here to learn how to surrender my life to the Lord in obedience?

A wave of fresh revelation came upon me. I realised that I needed to be faithful in the little, and to do everything as if it was before the face of God.

Everything shifted. Suddenly I viewed everything as a privilege and an honour. I found washing dishes at my house as a privilege to love those around me. I was able to see stacking chairs as an honour to serve our campus. I became excited to be in the Prayer Room because I had the incredible opportunity to lift the Lord up in worship and praise. Humility was instilled in me as I went to class with an open heart; willing to learn whatever the Lord wanted to reveal to me. Ultimately, I saw everything that I thought was mundane and tedious to be something that actually glorified God.

Who knew that I could serve the King of kings by simply hanging clothes? I no longer have to vacuum the carpet, but now I get to!

I finally understood it. God was genuinely looking for people who would faithfully serve Him. Once I knew in my heart that everything placed in front of me was an opportunity to faithfully serve, love, and worship the Lord, this huge burden was lifted from me.

The grumbling of my heart was gone because I understood the calling the Lord has on my life—the calling of wholeheartedly worshipping Him in all that I do.

That was worth being on dish duty six weeks in a row.

Katrina Wagan

Ignite Compassion Team

Published at Aug 23, 2018 . Authored by: Katrina Wagan | One Thing Internship Leader